Since the beginning of SCUBA diving, divers have wanted to talk to each other underwater. So far, the only feasible systems for audio communication have been available only to commercial divers. Unfortunately, these systems were also complicated, cumbersome, and expensive. However, OCEAN REEF has designed a communication system which is easy to use, lightweight, and within a recreational diver’s budget.


The OCEAN REEF underwater communication system adds a whole new dimension to dive safety and enjoyment by connecting divers with each other and with partners on the surface.


It includes a diver transceiver unit (GSM G.divers) , a receiving unit for diver wearing a conventional mask and regulator (M101A G.divers) and a portable surface underwater communication transceiver to be used on board a vessel or on the dock (M100 G.divers).

GSM G.divers  (code OR033109)


The underwater communication allows a great evolution of the diving activity and a outstanding improvement of the underwater teaching and education. Besides , the underwater communication is making the diving activity safer and more enjoyable. The new GSM G.divers transceiver (high performance communication system) expands the  diver’s ability to communicate with others verbally.

Lightweight and Sleek Design


The ultrasonic transceiver boasts the autonomy of approximately 30 hours in receiving mode, a range of operation of 200-250 meters (calm sea water), lightweight and sleek design. It is a powerful, single channel and inexpensive PTT (push to talk) underwater wireless communication unit.  The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water and it  uses a 9V alkaline battery with  a “low battery” alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low.

Solutions for Training Classes


The GSM G.divers communication unit is the perfect addition to any training class or guided tour and operates on the same frequency as all other OCEAN REEF and most popular competitors wireless communication units. GSM G.divers uses the D-Mic, a special microphone with the   housing sealed by  hydrophobic  membrane which is permeable to air, but prevents water from passing through the electronics.


The membrane’s reduced thickness limits any reduction of the vocal signal. The permeability of the membrane keeps the internal pressure equalized with the external pressure, enabling the microphone to be used at practically any depth.

Neptune Adjustable Communication Support (code 33054)


Each GSM G.divers comes with the NACS™ (Neptune Adjustable Communication Support) (code 33054) The patented NACS™ is an adjustable support arm for the GSM G.divers and other OCEAN REEF underwater communication units.. It might be  installed on the left side of the  mask  and prevents the communication unit from hanging on the mask strap. By relieving the weight of the communication unit, the NACS™ also allows the mask strap to slide easily through the buckle; thus, the strap can stay loose while the mask is donned and the communicator stays out of the way. The NACS™ can be adjusted for tilt and distance between the communication unit and the visor.

M101A G.divers (code 33107)


 The M101A G.divers is a receive-only unit operating on one channel. The M101A fits on any standard mask strap, conventional masks or full face models. It might be handled and shared by more divers thanks to the high quality speaker.  The M101A’s reception is so strong that , infact, it is not always necessary to attach it to the mask strap.


A diver may hold the unit or attach it to a BC, allowing other divers to listen to the transmission (dependent upon environmental conditions and distance). The unit automatically activates upon contact with the water. The M101A uses a 9V alkaline battery and has a “low battery” alarm which beeps every 30 seconds when the battery is low.The M101A unit’s total battery is approximately  30 hours.


M100 G.divers Portable Surface Transceiver (code 33165)


The M100 G.divers  is a portable surface transceiver unit that may be worn on the operator’s belt. This is a high performance, compact, and easy to use unit. It is made to respond to the demands of communicating with divers in action without carrying expensive , complicated and heavy units. The size of the main unit is similar in size to a deck of playing cards.


The main unit has a PTT (Push to Talk) button and a headphone/microphone connector. The unit turns on when the headphone/microphone is connected to the main unit. The unit turns off automatically when the headphone/microphone is removed. A 10 meter (33 feet) transducer cable connects to the main unit and is lowered into the water. The operator may control the depth of the transducer. It operates on one channel and uses a 9V replaceable alkaline battery with autonomy of approximately 9 hours. The range of operation is approx 200 meters (600 feet).


        The unit comes with the following items:


            >10 meter (33 feet) transducer cable

            > Headphone/microphone

            > Screwdriver.






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